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Upcoming game: Star Admiral

Posted by F4LL0UT - January 18th, 2014

Hey guys. Last Summer I was approached by a new German game developer called Hardscore Games because they needed someone to take care of the whole audio portion for their upcoming game, Star Admiral. It's a trading card game for mobile platforms - with many actual 3D space ships shooting at each other rather than simple 2D cards. The release is nearby (in fact it has already had a smaller and - so I've heard - pretty successful regional release) so I thought it's a good time to write about it here. A while ago they already published a nice teaser trailer:

It's a really great game... which doesn't say much because my trading card days have been over for a decade and I sucked at them to begin with but still, the alpha and beta versions of the game I worked with got me hooked. And even if you suck as much as I do, at least you will have the joy of seeing your fleet being shred to pieces! And as far as I can tell it has very well designed gameplay, the ship designs and visuals are fantastic and the audio portion, well...

I composed lots of music for the game and made tons of sound effects. The music is mostly epic orchestral stuff to make you feel like a badass admiral commanding a huge fleet in a war of epic scale with subtle electronic elements completing it so you know that you're not just any admiral - you're a star admiral battling in outer space! And there's also some nice calm music in the fleet manager that is meant to capture a certain war room atmosphere so you will also feel big, powerful and only a few clicks away from the next *totally meaningful* battle while arranging your fleet. Hardscore Games are going for people who truly appreciate a great game with professional presentation and sophisticated gameplay so I gave my best to contribute to that goal.

In the process I of course created many drafts and concepts to explore all the possibilities, so there's a bunch of tracks related to the game that can't actually be found in it. You can count on some of them making an appearance on the Newgrounds audio portal soon.

Anyway, Star Admiral, coming soon. Give it a try.


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