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My mind is blown. O_O
Both the animation and the voice acting are absolutely epic. You rock.

Saminat responds:

Mind blown? Mission accomplished!


Anyone who complains about the plot or the ending is a brainless dick. This cartoon is ingenious. The pun is just epic, it's stuff that you may come upon in a good scifi comedy but not in another Zelda flash animation. Also I think that the art and acting were pretty nice, especially considering the quality of the regular Zelda flash movie. I'd love to see more stuff like this (and by that I mean well produced and thought-out cartoons, not Zelda fan movies ;P).


Simply fantastic. The voice acting, the visuals - the execution is just perfect. And also the plot was surprisingly interesting and intense. You really could feel a tension while the cloud was interrogating the rainbow and I love how everything gets lax after the appearance of the sun. Awesome work!

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Surprisingly easy

Well, to be honest I'm not an adventure fan and practically always needed a walkthrough for adventure games. After reading so much about how hard this game is I was pretty sure that I would be fucked - especially when I noticed that the walkthrough button mentioned in the comments isn't there (I'm still wondering why). But after figuring out that you can use objects from your inventory with other objects in the inventory I actually solved the game in two minutes. I'm really wondering what's supposed to be so hard about it.

Anyhow, I like the game a lot, the graphics are beautiful, the gamedesign great and the plot truly mysterious. Now I'm going for episode 2.

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Fantastic! At some points your voice reminds me a lot of Tom Clarke Hill's. And nice variety in the demo. Keep it up!

First I thought this was about the music and that you had inserted some voice samples by Mark Hamill, sounds very much like his joker or the trader from Darksiders (forgot his name) or like the Nosferatu leader from VtM: Bloodlines (Bertram or something?). When I noticed that this is a voice demo my balls got crushed by my dropping jaw. Fantastic work. :)

Laphin responds:

Haha! That's quite the compliment, thanks! It was definately fun to put together.

Great stuff. Love the composition and the atmosphere, however, the arrangement and mastering could take some more work. As for the arrangement my main concern is the percussion. I think the way you used the snares wasn't too good, I think they should have a more complex rhythm and you could add some other instruments as well, add some accents, add a few more powerful strikes. Also in the and the compression hurts the overall sound a little. Aside from that amazing work. :)

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