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Entry #3

Two busy years

2016-12-29 06:15:50 by F4LL0UT

Not that I expect anyone to give much of a crap but as some may have noticed my activity on Newgrounds has hugely decreased over the last two years. Yesterday I decided to quickly upload some more music so 2016 wouldn't look too pathetic on my profile (with only a single upload this entire year, oh dear). On that occasion I also thought "hey, why not add a post for my 102 fans" who apparently have decreased to 85. Dang.

Anyway, contrary to what my NG activity suggests I'm actually still very busy making music (as well as sound effects). I've also gotten a chance to work on some bigger projects which means that more of the stuff I make is done for specific projects and sadly (at least potentially) covered by NDAs or exclusivity deals, partially explaining the smaller amount of audio uploads on here over the last two years.

Because a text-only post looks so sad, here's a picture of a majestic bison:


Which brings us to my little indie studio: Bison Blast. In 2014 I published my first very own commercial game for Android devices which I developed with a friend (and which was the subject of my last post on here). It was a moderate success but we decided to aim higher and tried our hands on a number of projects for desktop machines and maybe console. While we haven't posted any updates in ages, Bison Blast is still very much alive (although admittedly our team has gone through some changes) and as a matter of fact we're currently working on quite an ambitious title that we're planning to release in late 2017 or early 2018. However, despite that Bison Blast has for now become a side project of mine as I took on a full time job as a game designer at a large studio two years ago where I've had the honor of working on quite large titles alongside experienced industry veterans. I'm not gonna lie: to me it's a dream job and both the experience and stable income only fuel my personal activity and ambitions. I'm proud to say that I'm really happy with the place I currently find myself in and here's to an even better 2017!

Anyway, I wish you all a happy new year and that life will be as kind to you as it has been to me and that you will also find the strength (as well as a good dose of luck) to pursue your dreams. Cheers!


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2016-12-29 07:30:02

86! Happy new year :)

F4LL0UT responds:

Ha, thanks!