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My mind is blown. O_O
Both the animation and the voice acting are absolutely epic. You rock.

Saminat responds:

Mind blown? Mission accomplished!


Anyone who complains about the plot or the ending is a brainless dick. This cartoon is ingenious. The pun is just epic, it's stuff that you may come upon in a good scifi comedy but not in another Zelda flash animation. Also I think that the art and acting were pretty nice, especially considering the quality of the regular Zelda flash movie. I'd love to see more stuff like this (and by that I mean well produced and thought-out cartoons, not Zelda fan movies ;P).


Simply fantastic. The voice acting, the visuals - the execution is just perfect. And also the plot was surprisingly interesting and intense. You really could feel a tension while the cloud was interrogating the rainbow and I love how everything gets lax after the appearance of the sun. Awesome work!

Fantastic animation

It's actually funny stuff especially regarding the quote that it's alluding to, but it's a pity that there is absolutely no sound - even trashy smacking and swallowing sounds would've done the trick. And in fact it probably would've been funnier if he would've mutated from eating the sandwich, either into a more average person or into a real monster (underlining the absurdity of the statement in a more exaggerated way) but I understand why you prefered not to change him at all and this way it works well too. Still, the animation is awesome and asking myself in the end whether this really did humanise him indeed makes this animation actually a good joke.

Btw: It's funny that Heath Ledger said that every action of a villain such as the Joker has to be performed in a disgusting or vicious way, even eating a piece of meat. The Joker doesn't just eat it, he devours it like an animal. At first I was pretty sure that this would turn out to be an homage to his quote.

Halo is not awesome...

But this vid certainly is. Only thing I'm wondering about is if the HALO ring has been intentionally drawn the wrong way around... oO

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