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Fantastic! At some points your voice reminds me a lot of Tom Clarke Hill's. And nice variety in the demo. Keep it up!

First I thought this was about the music and that you had inserted some voice samples by Mark Hamill, sounds very much like his joker or the trader from Darksiders (forgot his name) or like the Nosferatu leader from VtM: Bloodlines (Bertram or something?). When I noticed that this is a voice demo my balls got crushed by my dropping jaw. Fantastic work. :)

Laphin responds:

Haha! That's quite the compliment, thanks! It was definately fun to put together.

Great stuff. Love the composition and the atmosphere, however, the arrangement and mastering could take some more work. As for the arrangement my main concern is the percussion. I think the way you used the snares wasn't too good, I think they should have a more complex rhythm and you could add some other instruments as well, add some accents, add a few more powerful strikes. Also in the and the compression hurts the overall sound a little. Aside from that amazing work. :)

Ha, I thought if I said "this reminds me of Amiga music" people would call me crazy but since Eirun even gave a certain example already: darn it, this reminds me of the best Amiga times, just with better sound. :D

Seriously, I think it's great stuff. Love that friendly uplifting atmosphere and how everything just kinda flows effortlessly. I can't say that much about the audio quality yet because I'm listening to it on cheap phones right now but everything seems absolutely fine. The choice of sounds and instruments isn't really my kind of stuff but it works perfectly and certainly reminds me of some great electronic (game) tunes from the 90's. Way to go! :)

MashedByMachines responds:

Thanks! That was what I was aiming for :)

The composition is okay but you have to work on the overall sound as some parts really hurt the ears. With better instrumentation it might be really good stuff. Anyway, scouted since the piece proves that you have a sense for music and I'm confident that you will provide really good works soon enough. Btw, some parts reminds me a whole damn lot of Indiana Jones. :D

Well, I'd say we have a winner. This is one extremely well-crafted orchestral piece. The composition is really epic and the orchestration very professional. Great job, mate! How much time did you spend working on this thing? Don't know if you're a professional composer yet but with such skills you definitely should find a place in the industry. Sounds much better than most game soundtracks out there.


Sorry, but this song is really quite unenjoyable. Also to my understanding it absolutely isn't House. When you work on a piece that is supposed to be House you should start by creating a typical House beat (a definite regular kick and a snare with every second kick) and then add stuff to make it interesting. I know that you called it "progressive house" but even so the basic features of the original genre must be present. Also work some more on the harmony. Currently everything about the song seems quite random.


At first I thought that the high score just comes from the good sound of the instruments but oh my God, this song is epic. The arrangement is really impressive and interesting. I think the reverb is slightly too strong but aside from that this is just ingenious work.


It's okay, but I can't say that I'm very impressed. It's very simple and repetetive, the use of the brass instruments seems kinda random - as a matter of fact the brass has a rather unpleasant sound to it. And also it doesn't sound like a life of action to me, more like a James Bond villain playing golf on a caribbean island. But hey, that's just my opinion and I'm probably wrong considering the previous reviews. ;P

sorohanro responds:

Not the the most flattering review but I appreciate the sincerity.
The James Bondish sound was what I intended but somehow the whole track have a sad feel. I agree, not my best track.
As for being repetitive, I tried to combine several very different styles. Well, I guess on the Caribbean island is a bit boring this time of the year :))

Thanks for review.


I've listened to some of your tracks now and actually I have to say the same thing about all of them: they do all sound like a real beginner's work. You do always choose very sharp and unenjoyable synthie sounds, your rhythms are very simple and the compositions quite random. It seems that there is no real concept before you start working on your pieces. But the only thing you can do about this kind of thing is listen more to professional music and continue creating your own stuff - you will most likely become much better very soon if you just continue doing stuff.

And please, don't feel offended by the criticism but be encouraged to continue making music.

Norato responds:

heh I dont feel offend about this :) thanks for comment :)

Composer and game designer, always looking for projects to compose music or make sound effects for.

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